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There are people in remote fishing villages in northern Japan who are known for their remarkable longevity and virtually wrinkle-free skin.  Researchers found that much of the food in these villages contained high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, a linear polysaccharide derived by fermentation of certain micro-organisms and from chicken combs, a frequent ingredient in the diet of the Japanese villagers.  Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is used in dermatology to treat skin ulcers and accelerate the healing of skin damaged by injury or surgery.

As with almost all vertebrates, HA occurs naturally in human tissues and fluids. Skin is the largest reservoir of body HA, containing more than 50% of the total.  Adequate HA is critical for skin hydration in both the dermis and the epidermis to maintain smooth, young-looking skin.  Unfortunately, this essential element is gradually lost as the body ages, resulting in dry skin, lines, and wrinkles.  

A form of HA that is readily absorbed into the skin has been added to the formula of our new skin crème, Hydra-Llure™ by Transformé. Applying this crème twice daily will help to keep your skin smooth, soft and properly hydrated.  This exciting, advanced product is just one of the three key elements in our Anti-Aging Skin Care Program.


Epidermal Growth Factor, or EGF, has been used effectively by plastic surgeons and dermatologists to promote healing of skin after surgery.  It helps stimulate skin cell growth and division, and aids in increasing circulation, forming of blood vessels, and accumulation of collagen.  Now you don't have to pay $175.00 or more to a dermatologist or buy an over-priced, weak and ineffective product from a department store to get EDF.  The Transformé Epidermal Growth Factor Crème is professional strength and formulated to maximize the effects of this amazing natural protein.


Collagen is a natural protein that is a major component of connective tissue, skin, cartilage, and bones!  Adequate collagen helps to prevent the sagging, cracking, and lose of tone in our skin as we age, and the Transformé Extra Strength Collagen Crème helps support and extend the natural production of collagen to maintain soft, smooth skin and reduce wrinkles and lines caused by exposure to sun and aging.

These three products are specially formulated to
work together for maximum effectiveness in the

Transformé® Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit:

  • Transformé Epidermal 
      Growth Factor Cr
ème - 1 oz.
     Stimulates skin cellular growth
     and repair, increases circulation
     and collagen synthesis.
Epidermal Growth Factor Crème ONLY
      1 oz. -
$39.95 each
  Transformé Hydra-Llure 
ème - 1 oz.
     Contains Hyaluronic Acids 
     which are natural and essential 
     to keeping skin hydrated.
Hydra-Llure Crème ONLY
      1 oz. -
$39.95 each
Transformé Extra Strength
    Collagen Cr
ème - 1 oz.
   Critical for retaining the 
   youthful elasticity of your skin 
   naturally and beautifully.
Extra Strength Collagen Crème ONLY
   1 oz. - Only
$39.95 each

Transformé Anti-Aging KIT
   All three products, plus an empty 
   jar and a scoop for combining the 
   crèmes for easy application are 
   included in a convenient, reusable 
   plastic tote. Complete Kit
   Save $9.00 off cost of items separately.
Limited time offer.  

All Three Products in One Kit
Just $110.95 
$119.85 if purchased separately

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All Transformé products are created to work specifically 
with each other and should not be combined with other 
product brands, as some may not be compatible or 
may be missing one or more important ingredients.


Here's how easy it is to make it work:

Step 1.

The Transformé Epidermal Growth Factor Creme is a natural protein that helps promote cell growth and division.  It also catalyzes the natural healing process of cells. Remember, as we age, our cells die and our skin produces less and less of this protein, causing aging. 
Epidermal Growth Factor also aids in increasing circulation, forming of blood vessels, and the accumulation of collagen.  Apply it as needed after a thorough cleaning of your skin.
Step 2. The Transformé Hydra-Llure Creme softens and hydrates your skin.  Hyaluronic acid occurs in virtually all vertebrate tissues and fluids, but our skin is the largest reservoir of body hyaluronic acid, containing more than 50% of the total.  HA is a key factor to the maintenance of the natural hydration that is essential to keeping skin moist and supple. 
Adequate levels of hyaluronic acid is especially important for mature, dry skin, and for those living in the southwestern states who are most vulnerable to hot and dry weather.  Apply our Hyaluronic Creme twice daily, before you put on your make-up in the morning, and after you have removed it in the evening.
Step 3. The Transformé Extra Strength Collagen Creme helps to support the natural collagen in our skin.  Collagen is a protein which is the binder, or glue, that is the chief component of our connective tissues and our bones.  As we age, we continue to lose this very important part of our skin, causing sagging and cracking. Apply this crème in the evening.
Note: As a convenience for you, an empty jar and a plastic scoop are included in this kit.  You may use these to combine an equal amount of each crème for easy application morning and night.
Anti-Aging Skin Tips You can improve your results of your mature skin treatments by following these simple tips:
Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 25 or more whenever you go outdoors, especially when you are participating in sports or exercise.  Be sure to reapply the sunscreen after swimming or prolonged sun exposure every two hours.
Use alcohol-free cosmetics and fragrances.
Keep your house cool, as hot air is drying.
Keep lots of houseplants to humidify the air.
Avoid steam baths and saunas. They deplete the natural moisturizing factors in your skin. 
Protect your hands with rubber gloves when using hot water and detergents.
Get moderate exercise to increase blood flow and supply oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

It's so easy!  Why wait any longer? 
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